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  • "The falling or the faded luck, hung up in the ivory both were climbing for a finer cause. Love can hardly leave the room with your heart."
  • [251.] I'm sleeping with a pillow, under lamplight. Freezing cold, because you always liked the windows opened wide... PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION :)
  • [250]. When I feel cold you keep me warm. And I'm not looking for some loose change, just wanna find a true mate....
  • [249.] Drive fast, I can almost taste it now. L.A., I don't even have to fake it now...

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  • //She Sleeps alone, my heart wants to come home, I wish I was, I wish I was, Beside You//
  • //Torn in two And I know I shouldn't tell you But I just can't stop thinking of you Wherever you are You Wherever you are Everynight I almost call you Just to say it always will be you Wherever You are//
  • //I must be in heaven, 'cause I'm lookin' at an angel Who's starin' back at me, her eyes so heavenly. I must be in heaven, 'cause I'm lookin' at an angel There's no one on this earth that's made this beautiful I must be in heaven.//

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